A Worthwhile Workshop

I am posting this to promote a colleague’s work in Milton. 


Our relationships have the capacity to be “heaven on earth” and “a  living hell” catapulting us to the brink of despair.  When a relationship challenges us is when we get to reveal how we “show up” in life – resistant, shut down, collapsed, sad, demanding, needy, angry, scared, defensive, etc…  It is in these moments that relationships offer us an opportunity to deepen in connection with ourselves and the person with whom we are experiencing difficulty.  

This workshop is open to couples who wishes to improve their relationship(s). Using a variety of interactive activities and experiential exercises, this workshop will explore how to resolve, and grow from conglict.  It will help you to move beyond habitual reactions toward more open, loving, compassionate, connected and constructive ways of relating. 

Saturday, July 10th, 2010, 1:00-7:00.

Location: 50 Fulton St, Milton, Ontario 

Cost: $200 per couple

Facilitator: Dr. Donna Lockett, PhD  

 Must pre-register and make payment arrangements by July 1, 2010.  

 To register and make payment arrangements please contact Donna at:


Donna is a transformational psychotherapist.  She has been studying and practicing holistic healing modalities for over 20 years. Donna received her PhD from Carleton University in Psychology. She is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Transpersonal/Spiritual Therapist, Reiki Master and Relationship expert.  Donna also is a trained practitioner in EFT, Shamanistic healing, Past Life regression, Gestalt Therapy, Non-violent communication, Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques.  She has facilitated over 50 workshops across Canada and is author of over 40 articles and book chapters.  A former world class runner and cyclist, a car accident at the peak of her career catapulted Donna into her awakening process.  Donna now prefers the quietude of trail running/hiking, yoga, and meditation.  Donna has a private practice in Milton, Ontario.