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Self Care

I have found myself using the phrase “Self Care” frequently lately. Mostly I use it when I am writing to the administrators of the employee assistance plans I work for, asking for authorizations for sessions for new clients. I say things like “client has insufficient resources for self care” or “client’s self care is minimal”. I thought it would be a good idea to describe in more detail what that means and why it is important.

What My Dog Taught Me

I realize that there are t-shirts with titles like this but I couldn’t think of anything better. I was going through my private Facebook pictures and realized nearly everything I post has something to do with my dog. That got me to thinking about how important she is in my life and how many good things she brings. Sharing that seemed like a good idea.

One For the Boys: Why Therapy is Manly

I have received several requests from my male identified readers for something that speaks directly to them. So, here goes…

WARNING:  This post contains stereotypes. I know not every man relates to what I’m writing here but I’m speaking to those who do. I also know that this may speak to some women.  So, ignore it if it is not relevant and change or eliminate gendered words as you see fit.  Okay, enough qualifying.

On Mothering

I have dedicated this piece to mothering as a specific category of parenting.  Parenting is an inclusive word and I like it very much.  It’s helpful when I am speaking to people who don’t divide neatly into “mom and dad” sorts of paradigms.  For instance, transgendered parents and same gendered parents use the word parenting to good ends.  It separates the role of parent from the gender of the person and can eliminate a sense of “this doesn’t fit”, were such folks restricted to mom and dad as their options.

On Being a Single Woman

You are a thirty year old single woman. You have a career, a car, a condo and a cat. You are in my office, crying on my couch about how you are going nowhere and you are fearful of never having a life.

I have compassion for this state.  There is real pain there, but I wonder why there is an unspoken assumption that the thing you have right now does not qualify as “a life”.


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