Managing Relationships

As a psychotherapist, relationships and their complications are the core of my work. Most people, no matter what their presenting complaint, are struggling with how to engage more effectively, more fully and more rewardingly in relationships with those around them.

We are relational creatures and wired to seek the things we need in concert with others. However, it isn’t always smooth sailing. We often drag our history around with us without even knowing it and we replicate poor experiences over and over, in the hope that we can make it better. 

In therapy, I work with people to break these destructive cycles through a combination of understanding, insight and experimentation with new behaviours.

Most importantly, I help my clients to be brave and vulnerable instead of fearful and defensive. A fearful defensive stance in a relationship will elicit the same from the other. Vulnerability and openness require courage and are not always immediately rewarded. In the medium and long term, those qualities will generate deeper, more satisfying and authentic relationships.