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Between You and Me

What's between you and me? We rarely ask this question in our relationship. Sure, at the beginning we might have questions like this more at the forefront. "What are you looking for?" "Where is this going?" "Who are we to each other?" These are all questions we ask ourselves and often our potential partners. It can set the parameters of what comes next. We are dating. We are moving in. We are getting married. We are living life together.

Soldiers, Grief and Operational Stress Injury

Like many people, I have found the reports of the recent suicides of 4 members of the Canadian Forces to be profoundly upsetting. Each of these men decided to devote themselves to an occupation that requires what they call “absolute liability”. That’s the fancy term for “you could die as part of your job requirement”. They all accepted that as one of the terms but I know they didn’t accept or consent that the death would be at their own hands. 


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