Sexuality is an important element of our humanity. It is also a taboo thing to discuss in most contexts. Even if we have been educated about the basics, the how-to’s,  that education often leaves us with the idea that it will all be natural and everything will work out wonderfully as it should. We don’t often view it as a learned skill that can be explored and developed in an atmosphere of non-judgement.

I offer my clients the ability to talk about how they feel about their sexuality in a frank, honest way that does not judge the objects of desire. For some, this means exploring what it means to be attracted to same or different genders. For some, it means talking about how they may desire to structure relationships in non-traditional ways. For some, it is about a deep knowledge that there is more meaning and pleasure to be had and finding ways to explore that path.

Some of you are reading this section to hear me say that your sexuality may have nothing to do with why you are seeing me and I have the skill and experience to know not to make an issue where there is none.

In every case, should you need to talk about something you are struggling with, my therapy room is a safe, confidential and comforting place to make sense of what is important to you.